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We always strive to help homeowners to complete the home selling transaction in the most stress-less, professional and mutually-beneficial way. Our mission is to help out our clients no matter what and reach a win-win situation for both sides. We would love to do business with you too. So, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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What We Help Sellers With

If you're facing any of the following situations, we'll buy your house within 3 to 30 days:

If you’re getting money together to pay an accumulated debt or sudden urgent expenses, you could be overdue to sell your house. Liquidating assets is easier said than done thanks to how hard it can be to find a buyer on short notice, and it could be difficult to foot the bill for fees, marketing, realtor commissions, closing costs, and other expenses.

If the threat of foreclosure is growing larger every day, you need a solution that some selling methods may not provide. A slow moving real estate market, a house that needs updating, and a time sensitive situation all individually can create a stressful situation. But when any of these elements are combined, you could be in hot water.

When a parent dies, settling their estate would appear to be simple—especially if the parent left the property to their only child in a will. But in the absence of a living trust, the house must go through probate. And the child might have to wait months before being able to sell the home.

13.4% of La Porte residents are divorced and personally know that asset division can be convoluted and exhausting. If you find yourself selling a home you shared with your ex in hopes to split the profit and part ways, you could be stuck with each other for weeks or months after filing for divorce thanks to real estate complications.

When it’s time to say goodbye to a bad neighborhood, the same reason you’re leaving could be the reason you can’t sell your property quickly. Buyers are hesitant to make an offer on a house that features loud neighbors, dangerous crime numbers, or other external features. All in all, you could be waiting longer than you expected to move.

If it’s time to move on from your neighborhood or say goodbye to the city of La Porte altogether, you probably want to sell your old home as soon as possible with as little stress as needed. Unfortunately, funding repairs, paying commissions, and dealing with other bills can take away from money you’ve allocated for your new living situation.

If the state government has you worried about foreclosure thanks to unpaid property taxes, finding a buyer interested in purchasing your house can be at the top of your to-do list. But even if you secure a buyer tomorrow, it can take weeks or months to put together the money you need.

You may not have the money to fix all that a disaster caused, whether your home survived a house fire, flood, termite infestation, mold problem, or other calamity. However, not many buyers are interested in homes with a substantial list of repairs. Because of this, you could feel there’s no way out of your situation.

How does a landlord get rid of difficult renters? If on a month-to-month lease, they can be given the notice to vacate the premises in 30 days. But they may not cooperate. Selling the rental property may seem like the only way out. But what buyer is willing to assume the responsibility for bad renters?

Contact Us Today for No-Obligation All-Cash Offer on Your House

We have an access to numerous local cash home buyers in La Porte, TX who are just waiting to buy houses like yours. This is why when you contact us about your home sale, you'll start receiving cash offers almost instantly!

Results of Contacting Us Now

Read why thousands of La Porte homeowners sold their houses to us:

Selling fast

Our transactions are as fast as they are easy. With us, you can sell in just 3 days, and at maximum 30 days.

Paying no fees

We give you a way to receive cash for your home without having to pay any expenses before or after closing. Selling your house fast to us costs absolutely nothing.

Getting cash

You can sell your property quickly and get the amount you’ve been promised within days after you agreed to sell your property to us.

Skipping many showings

You don’t have to deal with picky buyers or put yourself through the ringer with endless home tours. We make selling your home as effortless as it is fast-paced.

Selling 'AS IS'

Selling AS IS to our company that buys houses means you spend nothing to close a great deal. We’ll give you an offer on your home in any condition it is in.

Skipping waiting

Save yourself from having to sit around for who knows how long before getting an offer. After our home visit, you’re under 24 hours away from an obligation-free cash offer.


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Service Area

Below are the areas of La Porte we buy real estate properties in:


We do not only buy houses in La Porte and its surrounding areas but also in the entire Texas. So if you're located outside of the area highlighted on this map, don't hesitate to contact us because we'll be happy to serve you too and get your home sold quickly. We are a company that buys houses for cash fast!

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